Stimulate interaction between people of San Jose (US) and Pune(INDIA)

What is the Sister City program?

The establishment of sister city relation stimulates interaction between people of different countries and cultures on a people-to-people basis. The aim is to foster international understanding and friendship, to encourage exchange of education, culture, sport, and to promote, where possible, tourism and trade.

This group mission is to create and strengthening partnership between two cities at municipal level to promote cultural understanding and to stimulate economic development. This will lead the movement for local community development and volunteer action by motivating and empowering private citizens, municipal officials and business leaders to conduct long-term programs of mutual benefit.

Why San Jose and Pune?

Sister city relationship between San Jose, California and Pune, India was proposed in 1989, since Pune has many similarities with San Jose. Besides the size and population, it also boasts the same climate as San Jose. Both cities have a rich history. Both are centers for education in respective countries. San Jose is surrounded by high tech and some of the finest colleges and universities in the US. So is Pune with 107 colleges, – 15 engineering, 8 medical and 21 for science – graduating 87,000 students a year. And now both cities are at center of high tech industries.


 To promote mutual understanding, respect and cooperation through people exchanges, multicultural programs, and economic development with community participation.


Offer, Implement, or Co-sponsor Worthwhile Activities, which benefits citizens of both countries/cities.


Promote the programs and projects to encourage others to join our committees, projects, programs and help in any way possible including providing donations and other help.

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