Mutha River Park Project

Raised funds for Mutha River Park Project and built the park in cooperation with the Rotary Club of Kothrud, Pune. This project has converted an area of 5 acres by the river bank from an environmental disaster into a pleasant park setting made of shrubs, flowers and trees surrounded by a jogging track.

Mutha River Bank Before Project Started

Mutha River Project Phase1

Mutha River Project Phase1

Shivaji Maharaj Statue at San Jose

Worked with Pune committee to commission building a statue of Shivaji Maharaj (the great Maratha King 1630-1680). This statue was given as a gift to the people of San Jose by the people of Pune. This statue is now erected in the Guadalupe Park. This is the only statue of Shivaji Maharaj in North America.

Mayor Gonzales accepts statue

Pune Team Visits San Jose

Singing powada on Shiv-jayanti Program


Since 1996, we have arranged four symposiums on various high technology topics. We invited senior executives from prominent Silicon Valley companies (Intel, HP, Siemens) who made presentations to an audience of 150 to 250. The attendees were managers/engineers from high technology companies in and around Pune.

Audience Technical Symposiums at Pune

Speakers and Guests at Symposiums

Audience Technical Symposiums at Pune

Other Projects

  • Participated in the Sister Cities International Young Artists Program and received several entries from Pune and one of them won a grand prize.
  • Arranged a music program and raised $2500 to help the earthquake victims of Latur near Pune.
  • Provided prosthetics (artificial legs & shoes) to poor kids who lost use of a leg or legs due to Polio so they can walk again. Doctors in Pune donated their time to customize them.

  • Hosted a delegation by Pune software companies with Pune mayor to help build business relations.
  • Through our book exchange program, we delivered hundreds of technical and other useful and informative books to Pune schools and colleges.
  • Received a donation of a blood separation machine from a hospital and shipped it to Pune. Doctors at Sanjeevani hospital donate their time and expertise to use this machine to separate blood into its 3 components. This in turn increases the overall available blood supply by 2 to 3 times.
  • All our programs are funded by money raised by our committee members via donations and by conducting various entertainment programs in the San Jose area. The city of San Jose provided some limited funds also. We strive to ensure that every dollar donated to San Jose Pune Sister City goes directly to approved programs.