Mission Statement

The mission of San Jose Pune Sister Cities is to promote mutual understanding, respect and cooperation through people exchanges, multicultural programs, and economic development with community participation.

Goal 1: Offer, Implement, or Co-sponsor Worthwhile Activities

  • Organize visit of delegates from San Jose Mayor’s office and San Jose Economic Development Office to Pune in the next 12 months.

  • Work with Sister Cities International to help poor women around Pune area to develop their own businesses and become self sufficient.

Goal 2: Continue Active Relationship with Pune

  • Encourage San Jose State University to promote its graduate level programs to the graduates in Pune and to start
    • San Jose-Pune student exchange program.
    • Invite our contacts to participate in the India Project (see below)

  • Work with Saint Francis High School to develop a pen pal relationship with girls in a Municipal School in Pune to help these poor girls stay in school and complete high school

  • Work with the Rotary Club in Pune to complete Phase II of the Mutha River Park Project to double the current size of the park

  • Work with the Rotary Club and other prominent organizations in Pune to help preserve some historical sites in Pune

Goal 3: Increase Membership

  • Promote the programs and projects to encourage others to join our committees, projects, programs and help in any way possible including providing donations and other help.